RJS- Rajasthan Civil Judge Syllabus

Rajasthan Judiciary Exam Stages

The Rajasthan High Court releases the RJS syllabus in the official notification. Thus, knowing the syllabus of RJS helps you understand the weight of the topics covered and score better in the exam.

The Rajasthan Judiciary Syllabus 2024 is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Preliminary Test: The preliminary exam is an objective-type exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge of law, Hindi, and English proficiency.
  2. Mains Test: The mains exam is a descriptive-type exam that tests the candidate’s knowledge of Civil Law, Criminal Law, Language, etc.
  3. Interview: This is the final exam stage, where candidates are evaluated on their personality, communication skills, and general awareness.

RJS Syllabus and Pattern

The Rajasthan Judicial Services examination is conducted in the preliminary, mains, and interview stages. The details regarding these stages of the exam are as follows:

Exam Exam Type Duration Time Marks
Prelims Objective 2 hours 100
(Law Paper I)


3 hours 100
Mains Examination (Law Paper II) 3 hours 100
Mains Examination (Hindi Essay Paper) 2 hours 50
Mains Examination (English Essay Paper) 2 hours 50
Viva-voce/ Personal Interview 35


  • The prelims consist of objective-type questions with 100 questions for 100 marks with no negative marking. The time duration shall be 2 hours.
  • Candidates qualifying for the preliminary exams are eligible to appear for the main exam.
  • The main examination consists of four papers conducted in descriptive answer writing format. 3 hours shall be allotted for the first 2 papers, while 2 hours will be allocated for the last 2 papers
  • The four question papers for the main exam shall consist of the following:
  • Law Paper I: Civil Law (100 Marks)
  • Law Paper II: Criminal Law (100 Marks)
  • Paper III: Hindi Essay (50 Marks)
  • Paper IV: English Essay (50 Marks)
  • Those candidates who clear the mains shall be called for an interview round, which includes 35 marks in total. The final merit will be produced based on the candidates’ scores secured in the mains and viva voce.

RJS Syllabus 2024

From the following tables, aspirants can check the Rajasthan judiciary syllabus for prelims and mains.

RJS Prelims Exam Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
English Proficiency TensesArticles and DeterminersAntonyms – SynonymsActive Voice – Passive VoicePhrasal Verbs & IdiomsDirect Speech – Indirect SpeechModals expressing various concepts:  obligation, Request, Permission, Intention, Condition, Prohibition, Probability, Possibility, Purpose, Reason, Companions, contrastCoordination – SubordinationLegal Maxims
Law Paper I The Constitution of IndiaCivil Procedure Code, 1908Law of Contract and Partnership, 1872The Indian Evidence Act, 1872The Limitation Act, 1963The Rajasthan Rent Control Act and Revenue Laws, 2001The Specific Relief Act, 1963Hindu LawMuslim LawThe Transfer of Property Act, 1882Interpretation of StatutesGeneral Rules (Civil) and Order/Judgment Writing.
Law Paper II Criminal Procedure Code, 1973Law of Evidence, 1872The Indian Penal Code, 1860Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic SubstancesLaw on Juvenile Delinquency, 2015The Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 (Chapter XVII)Law of Probation of Offenders, 1958Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005Framing of Charges (Criminal) and Judgment Writing
English Proficiency TensesArticles and DeterminersPhrasal Verbs and IdiomsActive and passive VoiceCo-ordination and SubordinationDirect and Indirect SpeechAntonymsSynonyms
Hindi Proficiency शब्द रचना: संधि एवं संधि विच्छेद, समास , उपसर्ग , प्रत्ययशब्द प्रकार: (क) तत्सम, अर्ध्दतत्सम, तत्भव, देशज, विदेशी (ख) संज्ञा, सर्वनाम, विशेषण, क्रिया, अव्यय (क्रिया विशेषण, संबंध सूचक, विस्मयबोधक निपात)शब्द ज्ञान : पर्यायवाची, विलोम, शब्द युगमो का अर्थ भेद, वाक्यांश के लिए सार्थक शब्द, समश्रुत भिन्नार्थक शब्द, समानार्थी शब्दों का विवेक, उपयुक्त शब्द चयन, संबंधवाची शब्दावलीशब्द शुद्धि |व्याकरणिक कोटियाँ: परसर्ग, लिंग, वचन, पुरुष, काल, वृत्ति (mood), पक्ष (aspect), वाच्य (voice)वाक्य रचनावाक्य शुद्धि विराम चिन्हों का प्रयोग |मुहावरे/ लोकोक्तियाँ |पारिभाषिक शब्दावली: प्रशासनिक, विधिक (विशेषतः)

RJS Mains Exam Syllabus

Subject Topics Covered
Civil Law (Paper I) The Indian Evidence Act, 1872Code of Civil Procedure, 1908The Constitution of IndiaIndian Contract Act, 1872The Specific Relief Act, 1963The Limitation Act, 1963The Transfer of Property Act, 1882The Rajasthan Rent Control Act, 2001Interpretation of StatutesOrder/Judgment Writing
Criminal Law (Paper II) The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015The Indian Evidence Act, 1872Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005The Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881 (Chapter XVII)Framing of Charge /Judgment WritingThe Indian Penal Code, 1860The Probation of Offenders Act, 1958

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